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Animal Related Injury Claims

If you have suffered an animal related injury we know that it can be a terrifying experience for you and your family, with both physical and emotional scarring.

If you have been involoved in any type of accident or suffered some form of injury due to an animal attack then Godloves Solicitors coudl hep you to make your personal injury claim.

We understand that many people come into contact with animals every day whether in the wild or at home, but animals are not without their risks and the results of an animal related injury can be devastating.

Godloves Solicitors can help you with your animal related injury claims

We deal with all types of animal related injury compensation claims; and it may be that you have suffered some type of illness or injury that is animal related. If this is the case then Godloves Solicitors could help you claim the money you deserve through a No Win, No Fee compensation claim.

So, if you feel you have a case for an animal related injury claim then contact Godloves Solicitors today on 0800 0193 710

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Godloves helped me with everything to do with my compensation claim. I found them very helpful and made everything really easy for me

John S

Commercial Partner

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