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Moderate Knee Injury


Are you trying to cope with a moderate knee injury caused by an accident which wasn't your fault?

We class moderate knee injuries as tears to cartilage, dislocations, and even aggrevations of longer-standing afflications which cause instability, weakness and possibly mild future disability. If this sounds like your knee injury, Godloves can help you with the compensation you deserve.

You may be experienceing pain, lack of functionality, or simply struggling to carry out you everyday tasks. Of course, the seriousness of your injury dictates the level of compensation that you can expect to receive from your claim.

Godloves Specialise in Moderate Knee Injury Claims

Claims are handled quickly and efficiently by our team of highly skilled individuals. Starting with free impartial advice we work towards fast payouts. Call us on 0800 0193 710 now to Start your Claim.

Remember, if your knee injury claim deserves compensation, all you need to do is get in touch.

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