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Quittance enhanced injury compensation calculator

Godloves Solicitors have assisted in the building of an enhanced injury claims calculator called the ‘Compensation Claim Report’.

The report has been developed by Quittance and is an easy to use injury compensation calculator that gives potential claimants valuable insights before deciding whether to make a claim.

Godloves’ role was to advise on the legal process map and content that underpins the bespoke claimant report produced by the calculator.

The report is an online tool that refers to the latest Judicial College Guidelines for personal injury compensation in much the same way as compensation calculators currently on offer on other solicitors’ websites.

The tool has a number of enhancements over and above compensation calculators typically offered online:

How much compensation the claimant will actually retain

Many claims calculators do not factor in the post-settlement deductions that the majority of firms take in the form of success fees.  Many claimants do not realise that, after the changes to the law in 2013, there will typically be a 25% deduction from their compensation.  This can be even higher when ATE insurance premiums are factored  in.  

The Quittance tool clearly states the difference between the compensation the claimant could be awarded and the lower amount of compensation they will actually receive. Other compensation calculators tend to focus on the pre-deduction award which is not the whole story.

Probability of winning a case

A question commonly asked potential claimants is “How likely are they to win the case?”.  The tool helps to set expectations based on the claimant’s specific circumstances.  It also provides practical advice on what the claimant can do to help maximise their chances of getting compensation.

How long the case might take

Another very common question is ‘How long does a personal injury claim take?”.  The answer to this question can depend on the circumstances of the claimant’s individual case. The  report assesses these circumstances in order to give the client an idea of possible case duration.  The report also sets out individual reasons on why it may not be advantageous for the claimant to settle too quickly.

Quittance was established by personal injury specialists to bring together a best of breed panel of personal injury solicitors, all of whom have decades of experience in securing maximum compensation for claimants.

Godloves are established Quittance Network partners and we are delighted to have been asked to collaborate on this innovative project.

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