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Quittance enhanced injury compensation calculator

Godloves chosen as legal advisors for online tool that assesses the probability of winning a personal injury case and the likely compensation amount.

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£17,000 Won for Fractured Elbow

Godloves Solicitors won £17,000 on behalf of a client when he was injured at work and Fractured his Elbow. Our client was employed as a butcher but was asked to assist contr...

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£11,500 Compensation for Injury at Work

A normal worker was going about his daily tasks at work unloading cages of laundry from a lorry when his colleague lost control of his cage, knocking him to the floor. The Godloves...

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£16,000 Recovered by Godloves for Whiplash and Eye Injury

An ordinary crash had severe consequences when a client of Godloves was hurt in a car accident. The car in which the defendant was in was hit from behind by another vehicle and he...

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Back Injury at Work Gets £4,900 Compensation

Godloves Solicitors recently obtained maximum compensation for a client who suffered a Back Injury in an Accident at Work. Initially the Defendants Insurers failed to provide a dec...

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Tinnitus Claim gets Client £4,000 with Godloves Solicitors

Godloves Solicitors recovered £4,000 for a client against his former employer for mild bilateral hearing loss and mild tinnitus which was caused by exposure to excessive nois...

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Godloves Recover £6,000 Compensation for Playground Accident

Godloves Solicitors have successfully acted for the mother of a young child, who was involved in an accident at his local playground. The young boy slipped and broke his tooth on ...

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Road Traffic Accident Results in £3,500 Compensation

Godloves Solicitors obtained compensation for a client who was involved in a Road Traffic Accident.  As a result of the accident the client sustained Whiplash Injuries to her ...

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